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Human-centered philosophy and common development

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    Ambience of an international company and fast lane for career development
    • Overseas learning opportunities: trips to the company's factories in Europe and North America for observation & study; outstanding employees can apply for a post abroad.

    • International experts & mentors: the company boasts a  senior international expert team which includes foreign experts from the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea, and is accessible to employees seeking personal guidance. 

    • A "four-channel" development path—marketing, R & D, production, and core competencies channels— to develope a career path for all employees and expand their career space.

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    Fulfill social responsibilities

    While repaying the investors and employees, the company also actively fulfills its social responsibilities as an enterprise through unrelenting charity work  to repay the society, passing warmth and love, helping and influencing more people.

Career Development

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    Rapid promotion

    The company is in a period of rapid development and is in urgent need of high-quality talents. Result-oriented, the company provides a rapid and smooth promotion channel.

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    Equity incentive

    The management and senior employees have access to company equity and option incentives.

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    Residence Permit for Talents

    High-level talents are entitled to the national high-tech enterprise local residency (Hukou) policy.

Employee Style

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