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        Mutual Recognition with Over 100 Countries and Organizations! Shanghai SEMCORP Has Received CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate
        5.2 Billion yuan Investment Planned! SEMCORP Joins Hands with CATL to Bring Forward Xiamen SEMCORP
         Hungarian SEMCORP, Jiangsu SEMCORP and Jiangsu Ruijie Are Being Built on Schedule and Will Respectively Be Put into Operation Next Year
        SEMCORP Was Graded “A” in Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Information Disclosure Appraisal
         Net Income Increases by 92.32%! Mid-Year Review of SEMCORP’s Operations
        655 million euros! The Hungarian SEMCORP Factory Inked Major Deal with ACC of France
        12.8 Billion yuan! SEMCORP’s Private Placement of Shares Has Been Examined and Approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission
        Hungarian mayor visits the local SEMCORP factory under construction, which is projected to be operating in Q1 next year
        Internationalization | Japan’s Most Influential Economic Newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun Reported on SEMCORP’s Strategies
        No.1888! SEMCORP Was Listed On Forbes Global 2000 for the First Time
        Premier Scientist of SEMCORP: Lithium-ion Battery Separator Technology Road Map and Development Trends
         Leader in Innovations: SEMCORP Was Listed in “Forbes China 50 Most Innovative Companies” for the First Time.
        SEMCORP Fills in the Void of Special Separator Market for Sodium-ion Battery and Contributes to Industrialization of Sodium-ion Battery
        Cooperation Between Giants: Shanghai SEMCORP Signs Annual Delivery Guarantee Framework Agreement with CALB
        Cost Lowered by More Than Half: SEMCORP Overcame Major Hurdle in Mass Commercialization of Water Treatment Using Polyethylene Membrane
        Senior Vice President Cheng Yue Listed Goals: Complete Every Objective Established by the Company Through Steady Operation
        Official announcement! SEMCORP website has got an entire upgrade, ushering in 2023 with a diverse image
        The Hungarian SEMCORP Phase One Has Entered Equipment Assembly Stage in Construction and Is Expected to Be Operating on Schedule This Year
        SEMCORP Published Its 2022 Annual Performance Preview Showing Substantial Business Growth!
        The revenues grew by 57.73%! SEMCORP Stock’s 2022 Annual Report was published just now, with a net profit reaching 4 billion yuan.
        SEMCORP: Be Confident About the Future of New Energy, and Will Newly Increase Production Capacity by 3 Billion Square Meters This Year
        SEMCORP Shanghai and Teijin of Japan Have Reached Patent Cooperation Further
        Breaking News! SEMCORP Hungary's first coating production line is now operational(trial production)
        Breaking News: 1.6 billion square meters! SEMCORP Yuxi Separator Project Started
        Inline Coating Integration! SEMCORP Hubei's First Separator Production Line Comes Online
        Elevated to Grade A! SEMCORP Achieves its Best-Ever MSCI ESG Rating
        Korean LGES Vice President Kwon YoungSoo and Delegation Visit SEMCORP
        Matthew Effect Evident! SEMCORP Continuously Enhances Global Market Competitiveness
        Hungarian WHB Group CEO and Delegation Visit SEMCORP
        National Recognition! SEMCORP Shanghai Awarded the 2023 "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" Title.
        At -30°C, SEMCORP Group Successfully Developed a High Specific Energy Battery Semi-solid Electrolyte Composite Separator
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